Region:   Bodrogkeresztur, Tokaji

Color:   Deep bronze and orange

Aroma:   Dried plums, honeysuckle and toffee

Tasting Notes:   Notes of golden raisins, orange blossom and burnt orange zest, dried apricots, quince and tobacco with intense warmth and rich layers of white chocolate and just the right amount of acidity to complete the perfect picture of balance.

Food Pairings:   Crepes, merengues, chocolate based desserts, and nut based desserts like grilled Baclava.

Grape Variety:   Furmint and Muscat

Alcohol Level:   10.5%

Vinification:   After gentle pressing the wine mature for 36 months in the so called gönci barrels and after bottling rests for a further minimum of 6 years in Puklus cellars.

Notes/Facts:   Essencia is produced in the classic method using only the free-run juice that drips from the “puttons” as the aszu berries await their pressing and a base wine is never added. This nectar produced from the gentle pressure of the grapes’ own weight is rich and unctuous and looks like spun honey. Because sugar levels can be as high as 85 percent, the juice ferments extremely slowly and the alcohol percentage is conversely lower.