Region:   Bodrogkeresztur, Tokaji

Color:   Goldish deep orange

Aroma:   Dried prunes, honeysuckle and spices

Tasting Notes:   Luscious, oily, orange spices and white chocolate. Dense and multi layered with tropical notes, more botrytis, less floral notes and more salinity.

Food Pairings:   Waldorf salad, glazed pork and chocolate cheesecake.

Grape Variety:   100% Furmint

Alcohol Level:   11%

Vinification:   The aszú berries are opened with a special machine that makes the shriveled aszu berries look trampled which becomes the aszu paste. To this either must or fermenting must or base wine is added whereby the maceration begins.

Notes/Facts:   Péter Puklus, chief winemaker and son to Janos, has been named Winemaker of the Year in Hungary’s famous Tokaj wine region for 2011.