Region:   Bodrogkeresztur, Tokaji

Color:   Golden honey

Aroma:   Dried prunes and figs

Tasting Notes:   Deep golden colour with classic tropical notes, plenty of botrytis, rich and pronounced. All spice, dried apricot and burnt orange peel start to show through.

Food Pairings:   Carrot cake, Christmas pudding and cheeses like Danish Blue or Cabrales.

Grape Variety:   100% Furmint

Alcohol Level:   11%

Vinification:   After gentle pressing the wine mature for 22 months in the so called gönci barrels and after bottling rests for a further 18 months in Puklus cellars.

Notes/Facts:   The aszú wines are vinified in the traditional gönci barrel (136 l) and szerednyei barrels (180-220 l), of which many of the wines spend a time between 4-6 years in oak sometimes even longer. It is this philosophy that we refer to Puklus winery as “traditional” as opposed to the “new” style of making aszú wines.