Region:   Normandy, Pays d’Auge

Color:   Deep Copper

Aroma:   Peppery Honey

Tasting Notes:   Opulent flavors of stewed apples, oaky vanilla, brioche and caramel cremes.

Apple Variety:   100% Groult Orchard Apples

Alcohol Level:   41%

Process/Technique:   Cider aged up to two years before double distillation. Alambic’s are fired with wood not gas for a gentle heat.  Groult carefully controls the distillation and only takes the very heart of the 1st and 2nd pass for the final product.

Notes/Facts:   Made by Jean-Pierre’s  grand-father Leon Groult, this Calvados is extremely jammy with vanilla notes ; in the mouth, it’s very round, with intense flavors of cooked apples.