Region:   Jurancon, Monein

Color:   Light Yellow

Aroma:   Honeysuckle and Vanilla

Tasting Notes:   Notes of elder blossom, dried herbs and a nice flintiness. The flavors are intensely fresh and focused with flavours of lemon curd and hints of tart apple.

Food Pairings:   All types of blue cheese, foie gras, and crème filled fried pastries

Grape Variety:   100% Petit Manseng

Alcohol Level:   14.5%

Vinification/Process:    All work in the vineyard, including of course the grape harvest, is entirely manual. It goes without saying that the wine-making process itself is as non-interventionist as possible. Fermentation and aging in oak barriques for a total of 12 months.

Notes/Facts:     Jurançon occupies an auspicious place in French history. As the story goes, when the future King Henry IV was christened in 1553, his infant lips were touched with a drop of Jurançon wine and cloves of garlic, which was said to give him lifelong vigor as King. This practice is repeated to this day at many local French christenings.