Region:   AOC Saumur Blanc

Color:   Pale yellow and brilliant

Aroma:   The first nose after pouring there is mineral intensity. Then you swirl the wine in the glass to release more intense aromas of pear, apricot and honey.

Tasting Notes:   The acidity is high but balanced by the structure of the wine. In the middle we have toasty oak with the full body and the acidity tickles your taste buds. With an appetizing creamy and citrusy sensation, this wine is extremely long in the mouth and probably the most complex Chenin Blanc in its class.

Food Pairings:   Grilled sea bass, Asian dishes with ginger and garlic, Lobster Thermador.

Grape Variety:   100% Chenin Blanc

Alcohol Level:   12.5%

Vinification:   In the 20th century, Antoine Cristal built the Clos walls with vines on the north side keeping the roots in the shade and conserving moisture. Then he put the vine through the hole at the base of the wall allowing the rest of the plant and its grapes the benefits from the sunshine on the south side and the deflection of heat off the wall.

Notes/Facts:   In 1905 Antoine Cristal’s production was considered better than Chateau d’ Yquem. The Tsar of Russia and the Prince of Wales Edward VII received deliveries of Château de Parnay wines. Prince Edward VII and the French Prime Minister of the World War 1 came to visit Mr. Cristal quite often.  Only 2000 bottles per year are produced.