All natural, additive free Qino One Vodka is the first commercially produced vodka ever made from the ancient quinoa grain. Having earned a prestigious silver medal from the San Francisco Spirit Competition while still in development, Qino One is expecting even more attention in the coming months. The concept behind Qino One Vodka originated with Jean-Denis Courtin, who developed a passion for fine foods and drinks as a successful Parisian restaurateur during the 90’s. His Parisian restaurants include: “Le Debarcadere,” “Ephemere,” and “L’Indice” at Place de la Bourse. It was at L’Indice that Mr. Courtin, working with his master sommelier, began experimenting with vodka infusions and healthy ingredients. The results of these tasty experiments ultimately led to his quest to create a superior super premium vodka made from ingredients other than potatoes or common wheat. Joining forces with CC Spirits, of Lakeville, MA, a husband and wife team specialized in identifying and promoting superior French Spirits, the group began to search the world for the finest vodka ingredients imaginable, leading them to several never before considered. Working with a master French distiller over a period of eighteen months, the three partners tried hundreds of vodka recipe combinations before discovering what they consider to be the most quality enhancing ingredient yet for making super premium vodka: golden organic quinoa.