Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – For Immediate Release – In an effort to enhance the consumer’s retail shopping experience for key wines in the Palateur portfolio, the Blanchefort Group, parent company of Palateur Imports, has acquired a small local programming firm who specialize in QR code technology.  “With the simple addition of a QR code and the Wineflash logo on some of our back labels, we essentially bring more information into the hands of consumers via smart phones than we could previously fit on most of our back labels via text…we will also be working on short video clips integrated into the wineflash page that will further enhance the story of some of our wines, via winery walkthroughs or live tasting sessions with a proctor…” says Linh Chia, Director of Marketing at Palateur.  One of the first wines that will be wineflash enabled later this year, will be on a launch of a brand new Italian DOC called Pietraviva from Tuscany. According to Mark Monaco, President of Palateur, “this is a key addition to our group and gives us much more latitude to extend tasting and winery information to the end consumer via smart phone technology”, he went on to say, “it is hard to believe how fast things move in our small industry as we are already in talks with partners in the Netherlands and Germany to help them enable multilingual wineflash QR’s on back labels in other world markets.”