PHILADELPHIA, PA – Mont Tauch winery in Languedoc, beginning in mid 2011, will begin shipping its regular cuvee wines to the USA in a new eco-friendly wine bottle called the ECO L+G manufactured by O-I Europe. These bottles will significantly improve the overall impact on the environment. The new Lean+Green wine bottles are up to 33% lighter than their predecessors and made from 90% recycled glass. Yearly production of ECO bottles saves annually 87,000 Kwh hours, equivalent to using 8 million 11 watt energy efficient light bulbs for 1 hour. Palateur as the distributor for Mont Tauch will be among the first suppliers to introduce the ECO L+G bottles to the state of PA through the PLCB in their regular listed wine from Mont Tauch: Le Village Pinot Noir.  Benoît Villaret, wine marketing manager of O-I Europe, says: “The innovation that we offer not only respects the environment, but also enhances the heritage of the shapes which have come to characterize wines from different regions for many decades. For more information please visit: