BORDEAUX, Maison Sichel, April 23, 2007 – The chairman and managing director of Maison Sichel was re-elected at the presidency of the Union des Maisons de Bordeaux (UMB) in March 2007, for the fifth consecutive year. It is with this record of long service that Alain Sichel assumes Presidency again this year with some new developments in mind. Indeed, for this new mandate, Alain Sichel is going to be backed up by four vice-presidents who will deal with the juridical and fiscal questions, social questions and questions linked to quality and trace ability of products and lastly the promotion and marketing of wines and spirits. The goal of the UMB, with a membership of 100 wine merchants, is “as much in France as well as abroad, the defence, the representation and the promotion of the professional interests of the trade of wines, spirits, liqueurs, fruit juices and syrups, exercised by its members.” Copyright 2007 Maison Sichel – All rights reserved.