Cognac Park Borderies Mizunara: A unique alliance between a Single Cru Cognac “Borderies” and the Japanese oak “Mizunara”. Mizunara is a varietal of rare oak from Japan used to create barrels destined for the aging of Japanese premium spirits, namely whisky.

Today, just like Japanese whisky, Mizunara oak is extremely well-regarded, and seen as luxurious and superior. It is one of the rarest and most expensive types of oak in the world. Suntory is one of the main promoters of Mizunara, as the use of the oak became the norm for many of their whiskys’ luxurious blends and single malt releases.

The Park Mizunara Cognac is a world first in category, and this is thanks to the aging process being finished off in Japanese Mizunara Oak barrels purchased by Park. What this has accomplished is a Cognac with a real Japanese twist. It’s definitely one that’ll appeal to those who enjoy Japanese or Scotch whisky. Furthermore, it’s a single cru, Borderies delight, and it’s being produced in a limited edition. So not only will it appeal to the scotch whisky palate, as well as the Cognac palate, it’s going to be one the collector’s will want to add to their collection.

The Borderies cru is not just the smallest, but it is above all, the most sought-after of all the Cognac AOC growth areas. The Borderies cru provides the vines with the perfect amount of water, thanks to the chalky soil and ideal exposure.