Region:   Bodrogkeresztur, Tokaji

Color:   Pale orange

Aroma:   Dried berries and plums

Tasting Notes:   Tropical notes with subtle levels of botrytis.  Rich and lively with some nutmeg, orange preserves and apricot compote.

Food Pairings:   Creme Brulee, Tarts and Custard

Grape Variety:   100% Furmint

Alcohol Level:   12.5%

Vinification:   After gentle pressing the wine mature for 18 months in the so called gönci barrels and after bottling rests for a further 10 months in Puklus cellars

Notes/Facts:   Szamorodni is Hungarian dialect for “as is” or “as it comes”.  As the grower waits for the berries to achieve acceptable levels of noble rot, some of the earlier passing picks in the vineyard go into the making of this entry level and value version of Tokaji without the designation of “aszu”.