Region:   Tuscany, Bianco Pisano di San Torpe

Color:   Deep Golden Amber

Aroma:   Honeycomb, caramel and raw nuts

Tasting Notes:   Sherry like, dried apricot and chestnut blossom, with balanced and fruity oxidation levels.

Food Pairings:   Traditionally served with “Cantuccini”, the classic Tuscan style hard biscotti.

Grape Variety:   Malvasia, Trebbiano and San Colombano

Alcohol Level:   16%

Vinification:   Vinsanto is made from late harvested grapes that have been dried in bunches for 14-16 days inside a traditional “vinsantaia” as opposed to artificial heat drying like some larger producers. They are then crushed and fermented and aged for a minimum of 30 months in oak barrels.

Notes/Facts:   Some storys mention the wine getting its name because the vinification traditionally started on All Saints Day.  A legend in Siena mentions a friar in 1348 curing the sick with the wine normally used by the monks to celebrate Mass.