Region:   Sauternes AOC

Color:   Golden Amber

Aroma:   Pineapple and Wildflower

Tasting Notes:   Honey, exotic spices and under ripe peaches

Food Pairings:   Foie gras, Melon with Port, Sorbets

Grape Variety:   Varies  from 55% to 65% Semillon, 35% to 45% Sauvignon Blanc depending on harvest

Alcohol Level:   13.5%

Vinification:   Partly in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats and partly in barrels. The different batches are fermented until they reach equilibrium (about three weeks), the nature of which depends on their plot selection.

Notes/Facts:   The second wine of Guiraud, Le Dauphin is made from young vines and on the basis of selection at the blending stage. The same production methods as for Château Guiraud are applied. This wine is intended to be fresher and livelier, and to be drunk younger than the Grand Vin.