Region:   Armagnac, France

Color:   Tawny yellow

Aroma:   Acacia blossom, Rhubarb and notes of curry

Tasting Notes:   Powerful with notes of ginger and jasmine,  the alcohol is well integrated with silky tannins and a final deep and pronounced herbal finish.

Food Pairings:   White chocolate tart and raspberries.

Grape Variety:   Bacco, Folle Blanche and Colombard.

Alcohol Level:   46%

Distillation:   Distillation is carried out with a seven copper plate still which is still wood fired and built in late 1890’s.

Notes/Facts:   Our collection of armagnacs from the modern cask-strength Single Distillation collection, each age representing a deeper and more complex look into the development, from the 4yr series to the 18yr series.