Domaine Berthet-Bondet

Chantal and Jean Berthet-Bondet, both agricultural engineers, settled in Château-Chalon in 1984 and the first grape harvests took place in 1985. Not being born either of the winemaker family, the acquisition of plots and know-how is done gradually. The farm currently has 11 hectares of vines and converted to organic farming in 2010.

The house that houses the Date field of 16 th century and it is assumed that it was the remains of a steward of the abbey of Château-Chalon. This “chatelain” or “prieuré” house is decorated with a coat of arms surmounting the entrance door representing noble families of Franche-Comté to which many abbesses of Château-Chalon belonged. The property was also the location of the shooting of the Spanish film in 1965, Bernard Clavel’s novel adapted by Jean Prat for television.

Among the 15 hectares of vines, the estate cultivates 4.5 hectares of savagnin in AOC Château-Chalon and 10.5 hectares in AOC Côtes du Jura (white grapes: Chardonnay and savagnin – red grape varieties: trousseau, poulsard, pinot noir). The plots are located on the hillsides of Château-Chalon as well as around Lavigny and Le Vernois. The estate produces all the Jura wines in all their diversity: Crémant, Côtes du Jura red, Côtes du Jura white and veiled, Château-Chalon, Straw wine, Macvin and Eau de vie from Marc de Franche Comté.

Crémant Cave des Nièces Blanc Brut

HISTORY: From Saint-Amour in the south up to Port Lesney in the north, the appellation “Cotes du Jura” is the best known of the Jura appellations. At nearly 80 kilometres long, it comprises 800 hectares of vines, surrounding some sixty wine villages. This lively and sunny area cradles some charming vineyards!

TERROIR: Cotes du Jura

VARIETALS: Chardonnay, Savagnin

ABOUT THE APPELLATION: The wine growing area covered by the Appellation Controlee is 1800 hectares (4,300 acres). The Revermont is a very fertile area and is well supplied with water by the many rivers that cross it. The vines are grown on the rolling hills that run up the sides of the limestone plateau.The altitude ranges from 250 to 450 metres (800 to 1300 feet) above sea level.

TASTING NOTES: Light but very sweet and perfumed, with aromas of white acacia flower, orange blossom, bread yeast, green apple and white peach. This beautiful wine would pair with almost everything, but we are especially excited to try it with a crab salad or steamed mussels in a lemongrass, fennel and garlic broth.

Domaine Berthet-Bondet Trio

APPELLATION: Côtes du Jura

VARIETALS: Trousseau, Poulsard, Pinot noir

SOIL: Gravels marnes

AGE OF VINES: 15 years

CULTIVATION METHOD: Organic farming since 2010, weeding one rank out of two and tilling.

VINIFICATION: Manual harvesting, sorting table, short maceration (about a week) whole berries destemmed, aging in stainless steel tanks for 12 months.

TASTING TIPS: Serve at 14 ° with cold cuts, smoked meats, grilled dishes, salty and sweet dishes.

Domaine Berthet-Bondet Savagnier

APPLELATION: Côtes du Jura

VARIETAL: Savagnin

TERROIR: Iridescent marls

VINE AGE: 15 years

CULTIVATION METHOD: Organic farming since 2010, weeding one rank out of two and tilling.

WINEMAKING: Parcel cuvée, manual harvesting, pressing of the whole harvest, 12 months aging in stainless steel tanks.

TASTING NOTES: serve at 12° with fish, seafood.